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Unusual Libido Boosters

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Online and traditional media bombard us with sex drive promoters like Max Performer. Most are run of the mill things like eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, and so on. Then there are foods, supplements, and even herbs that you can add to your diet. Few realize, however, that there are some unusual libido boosters that can get your engine running, and your partner’s in ways you wouldn’t normally expect.

Here are some zany and clever things that can make you and your partner far more amorous: (See if and when you can incorporate these into your life, or if you can take advantage when opportunity strikes!)

Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Instead of the boob tube, you could be eyeing up the real McCoy. One study found that those couples who had a television in their boudoir got physical 50% more often. 37% was due to viewing porn, but what’s more interesting is that 29% said it was due to watching a boring show and looking for something a bit more entertaining to do. Perhaps try to pretend to like one or two boring shows and mix them into your weekly viewing repertoire. Tell your gal that you’d rather watch TV in the bedroom and see if it works for you.

If you want a libido boost, pull your weight at work.

Working harder may not help you feel more amorous, but earning more might! A Greek study found that those who earned 5% more than their peers had sex on average four or five times per week. I guess nothing gives you a raise like a raise.If you want to feel more amorous and get more action in the bedroom, why not get a little dangerous with your scent? Instead of cologne or aftershave, try wearing gasoline, printer ink, or something leather. According to a UK survey, these scents are what women prefer their men to smell like. Men on the other had wanted a whiff of baby oil, lipstick or a roast dinner from their ladies.

Do you like avocados? How about guacamole?

Take your date out to a Mexican restaurant and see sparks fly from the spicy food, and later on in the bedroom, too!  Nutritionists and health experts say they are a potent aphrodisiac. For male performance, one study found that watermelon was just as potent as Viagra. It’s the summertime, so a good time to try out that theory.

Want to be sexier?

Trying wearing more red clothing. Scientists have found that the color red made a man more attractive to women.  Another study found that men, too, were more attracted to women when they wore the color red.Want to stir up your libido? Research has shown that staring at a photo of your lover for 30 seconds helps the brain create dopamine, which will do the trick!