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Phillip’s Performance Nutrition Full Strength Review

Full Strength® Premium Nutrition Shake is marketed as “the world’s first performance fast food” and is a product of Phillip’s Performance Nutrition.

You can check out the Full Strength website here. The products’ unique claim is supported by the fact that the thick, tasty shake is conveniently packaged in individual serving packs and easy to prepare.

Full Strength is only available through online purchase, but I was fortunate to sample several packets of both flavors (chocolate and vanilla) through a friend who very much enjoys and uses the product.

Full Strength® is Appropriately Titled

I have tried numerous meal-replacement shakes, weight gainer shakes, and protein shakes over the years, but I was thoroughly impressed with Full Strength. One serving of Full Strength is 300 total calories, but this caloric value is neither too high nor too low as some would assume.

For those that look at 300 calories and automatically think it is too high, keep in mind that Full Strength can actually serve as a wonderful breakfast or meal-replacement. Phillip’s Performance Nutrition really put in the time when creating this product.

The formula is packed with 40g of protein, 5g of healthy fat, 25g of complex carbohydrates, 6g of fiber, and an equally strong profile of vitamins and minerals (1 serving contains 830% of the daily value established for Vitamin C, for instance).

wonderful breakfast

Thus, Full Strength is not filled with empty calories that will lead to fat. Instead, it is made with premium ingredients to both satisfy your hunger and provide you with the energy needed to get through the day. I felt full and energized after mixing my Full Strength packet with 16 oz. of cold water.

On the other hand, those who look at Phillip’s Performance Nutrition and Full Strength while simply looking for a standard protein shake or weight gainer need to reconsider as well. Full Strength isn’t your standard protein shake or weight gainer, and that’s a good thing. Rather, the Full Strength formula is a perfect pre-workout shake that will provide you with the protein and other nutrients to conquer a demanding workout.

I’d personally recommend taking Full Strength 30-60 minutes before working out. I had the energy to complete a demanding workout, and my muscles felt full. I really like how Full Strength contains a blend of why proteins, casein, and L-glutamine to provide different digestion rates for critical amino acids. Thus, it can even be used a post-workout shake to supply needy muscles with a steady flow of amino acids and other nutrients for several hours after working out.

Full Strength® Mixability and Taste

I was pleasantly surprised with Full Strength and enjoyed the taste of both chocolate and vanilla very much. Although I’d definitely choose the chocolate over the vanilla, that’s always been my personal preference for protein flavors.


While Phillip’s Performance Nutrition recommends blending Full Strength with cold water and ice cubes, I simply added the powder contents to 12 oz. of cold water in my blender bottle. I didn’t even have my steel whisk and Full Strength mixed extremely easy after 15-30 seconds of shaking the bottle.

Full Strength was not clumpy as I expected; instead, it was creamy, smooth, and tasted delicious. Overall, I would definitely recommend Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shakes. Phillip’s Performance Nutrition has definitely delivered a fine product.