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Is Yogurt Really a Diet Food?

Yogurt has long been considered a staple for people who wish to lose weight. In fact, there has been a recent television ad campaign touting the virtues of eating yogurt in flavours of deserts. But is it really a good diet food?

While it is a dairy product and a good source for that particular food group and yogurt is usually a low fat food; there are other factors to be considered when choosing whether or not to make yogurt a part of your weight loss program.

For starters not all brands and flavours of yogurt are low in calories. Granted there are brands that have less than one hundred calories; there are also brands and flavours that have nearly two hundred calories. Most brands run in the one hundred to one hundred and fifty calorie range.

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And then there’s the sugar content. A typical six or eight ounce cup of yogurt contains anywhere from 15 to 22 grams of sugar. This is the same sugar content found in a bowl of ice cream and even some candy bars.

Some yogurts contain a sugar content as high as 27 grams. Add to that the amount of carbohydrates found in that very same yogurt in the 25 to 35 gram amount and that low fat and maybe low calorie cup of yogurt is far from the ideal diet food.

As a matter of fact an ENTIRE can of peaches contains about the same number of calories, less fat, and fewer grams of sugar than the average cup of yogurt.

When considering a weight loss diet much more than the calorie and fat count needs to be considered. Some sugar is needed for energy but high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates (carbs) are bad and can add to the fat content you are trying to avoid and get rid of. And an excessive amounts of sugar can also lead to diabetes in later life.

While that low fat low calorie cup of yogurt may satisfy your hunger for a short time, that satisfaction is short lived and you are soon searching for something else to eat, possibly another cup of low calorie high sugar content yogurt that in the end defeats the whole purpose of going on a diet to lose weight.

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Unless the weight loss program includes exercise to burn extra calories (along with fat and carbs in the process) and the brand of yogurt is low in sugar then you are better off eating something else that would satisfy the hunger and stick with you longer.

Because in this day and age few people actually have the time to spend on extra exercise in the gym, especially working women and mothers with children to care for not to mention a job.