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A Young Woman’s Guide To Working Out at The Gym

The guys don’t rule the gym. They are just as nervous and unsure of themselves as you are. They may walk around as if they own the place but take it from a body who has been in the gym for over 25 years, they are equally nervous.

Join the gym with a buddy. There is strength in numbers. Having your friend(s) with you will help you feel less alone. The two (or more) of you can feed off the energy of each other. Everybody has down days. If there is more than one of you who wants to get fit then the odds of success should fall in your favor.

Ask the personal training staff for your “free fitness assessment.” Most gyms use this as a selling tool so beware. If you feel uncomfortable because you are just starting out ask your mom or dad to come along for the assessment. Write your questions down ahead of time. Bring a notebook and ask questions.

Decide what goals you want and ask specifically the path that they recommend you take. If their answer doesn’t sit well with you then ask for another assessment or consultation. You paid your dues and you are entitled to it. If the gym is confident in their fitness professionals then they will gladly offer you some of their time free of charge.

Woman's Guide

Some positive goals:

1. Getting fit.
2. Losing excessive body fat.
3. Wanting to become more proficient at a sport.

Some negative goals:

1. Getting skinny.
2. Wanting to lose “X” amount of pounds.

Most trainers should be willing to show you 2 full body circuits to help you get started on your path to getting fit. Take notes. Draw pictures if you have to so you can remember how to properly perform the movements. If you forget, don’t worry. The staff should be glad to refresh your memory. It is their job to do so.

Take full advantage of your gym membership. Even if the free weights and equipment seems to overwhelm you at first take all the classes at least once with each instructor they have. It is most important to find activities that you enjoy so that you will keep coming back. When you have your girl posse with you, the fun is exponentially multiplied.

If you are in the gym for longer than an hour on any given day or more than 4/5 days per week you are talking too much or working too hard. Whichever is the case, it is counter'”productive and will yield the opposite result. The goal is to get fit, not kill yourself. Understand that your body needs rest not to mention that you should make your life full with a variety of activities.

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Stay away from “Negative Nancies”. These would be anyone who teases, makes fun of you, puts you down or tells you that you can’t achieve your goals. Just like any new activity it may be hard at first because there is so much to learn. But soon you will realize that the rewards greatly outweigh the awkwardness that goes hand-in-hand with learning something new.

1. You will be far ahead of the crowd regarding fitness and better health.

2. The self-esteem you will gain from accomplishing this will put you through the roof.

3. You may even inspire your mom and dad to put themselves on a similar path. What could be cooler than that?