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Pound A Day Tip: How to Eat Healthy At A Restaurant (ft. Marlo Thomas)


Throwback Video: Explaining to Karina Smirnoff Why Risotto is like the Rumba (really)

THANK YOU for Watching “Extreme Weight Loss!”
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Just wanted to say THANK YOU to every one of you who for tuned in to this year’s amazing season of “Extreme Weight Loss” on ABC Network!It was an incredible, inspiring season of personal transformations under the watchful guidance of Chris and Heidi Powell — it’s impossible to watch this show (Tuesdays, 8pm EST on ABC) and NOT come away inspired.  Chris and Heidi are good friends of mine — and they are as authentic as it comes.  If you can’t be motivated by them, you can’t be motivated.Again, thanks to all of you who tuned in, tweeted, Facebook posted, and helped to promote this incredible show.


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Diane Neal

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